PIKO 37560 Diesel Locomotive BR 204 DB AG V

PIKO 37560 Diesel Locomotive BR 204 DB AG V

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In 1963, DR developed a diesel locomotive for medium passenger, freight and heavy shunting services in which V 180 parts were used. What emerged from the "Karl Marx" locomotive plant in Babelsberg was a four-axle diesel locomotive with a centrally located driver's cabin and hydraulic power transmission. It runs along two pivoted bogies connected by fulcrum pins. The main frame is supported on the pivoted bogies by compression springs. The individual aggregates are housed in the front end. The BR 204 is equipped with a 1500hp engine and a fluid transmission.

After the two previously separate German rail companies were united, a large number of these BR204 machines were no longer needed and subsequently sold to private companies, where they continue to provide reliable service today. 

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