PIKO 37432 Electric Locomotive BR 254 DR IV

PIKO 37432 Electric Locomotive BR 254 DR IV

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From new moldings, this locomotive will navigate curves of radius 1 (Radius 600mm) or greater. Length 730mm.
Interior and directional lighting.
Fitted with digital decoder enabling operation on both analogue and digital layouts.
Two motors for high-level traction.
Epoch IV livery.

Series 194 is one of the six-axle, 128 t heavy electric locomotives built from 1940 by AEG. It was conceived for freight service, but was also used for passenger service and even as an express train. Prior to World War II a total of 146 locos were delivered to the then DRG. After 1945 they remained with the DB, DR and OBB who put them to use in their original scope of duty - freight and passenger service. Following the war, additional locomotives were constructed from available parts and put into service by the DB and OBB. Additionally, the DB reordered further locos between 1954 and 1956 with the numbers E 94 178 through 196 and E 94 262 through 285 in reaction to the lack of powerful freight locomotives and even purchased another four locomotives from the DR. In 1968 the DB renamed the E94 according to its series system to 194 of the UIC series label. 23 locomotives were put into operation again by the DR, which they labelled as BR 254 after 1970.

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