LGB 55055 Wireless Receiver

LGB 55055 Wireless Receiver

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Use this receiver with your Wireless Transmitters. The receiver just connects to a Multi-Train System Central Station or LGB 51070 Analog Throttle. It's that simple! There are no crystals to pick, no batteries to charge and no servos to adjust. Approximate wireless range: 15-20 m (50 to 65 ft.). Use up to three receivers together to extend the range on very large MTS layouts. On analog layouts, you can use up to eight receivers with a matching number of LGB 51070 throttles to control up to eight track blocks. Hint: The receiver is not weather-resistant and should be protected from direct exposure to moisture. For example, you can fit it in a model building on your layout. 80 x 70 x 20 mm

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