LGB 55015 Universal Remote

LGB 55015 Universal Remote

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A complete control panel right in your hand! On Multi-Train System layouts, this comfortable, handheld remote: - Programs MTS loco decoders (addresses 0-22) - Programs MTS switch decoders (addresses 1-128) - Controls up to 23 locos (speed, direction, emergency stop and MTS loco function) - Controls up to 128 switches, signals and other accessories - Controls up to 10 double-headed loco sets - Controls up to 10 preprogrammed “switch routes” including up to 15 switches each Plus, the Universal Remote features: - Digital display - 10-number keypad for loco address input, direct control of MTS loco functions and more - Long connecting cable (approx. 6 m/20 ft) - Optional wireless operation with LGB 55050/55055 combination (LGB 55051/55056 in North America) - 185 x 94 x 55 mm

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