LGB 51070 Analogue Throttle, Indoor 5 Amp

LGB 51070 Analogue Throttle, Indoor 5 Amp

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This advanced control offers superior power handling and features for your analog layout: - 5 amp control for big train operation - Built-in AC/DC conversion for use with any LGB power supply (AC or DC) - Microprocessor technology for sensitive throttle control and a smooth voltage output - Optional wireless operation with Wireless Transmitter and Receiver LGB 55050/55055 (LGB 55051/55056 in North America) - Dual-range throttle knob: +/- 135° with center “Off” position for normal operation - 270° with “Off” at the left stop for precise switching - Boost button with programmable acceleration - Stop/Halt button with programmable braking - LED indicators - Connectors for wires up to 1.5 mm2 - Minimal heat generation - Short circuit protection - DC output: 0-24 V - Amp output: 5 A max - 160 x 120 x 95 mm

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