LGB 45898 RhB Car Set with Containers for "Coop"

LGB 45898 RhB Car Set with Containers for "Coop"

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Set consisting of two RhB flat cars for containers, loaded with removable refrigerator containers for the retail chain coop®. The cars have new car numbers, and the containers are lettered for coop® and the themes "Kartoffeln" (potatoes) and "Schefflera" (a type of houseplant). The paint schemes and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The cars have metal solid wheel sets. Length over the buffers for each car 41 cm / 12-7/16". 

These refrigerator container cars are used on the entire network of the RhB to distribute food products. Usually these cars are run in freight trains, but it also happens that one of these cars is also coupled to a passenger train.
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