LGB 29655 DR VT 133, Ep. III

LGB 29655 DR VT 133, Ep. III

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DR Class VT 133 powered rail car with a control car in Era III lettering. This unit has an absolutely authentic paint scheme and lettering. All of the doors can be opened. The powered rail car and the control car have interior details and interior lighting. The headlights change over with the direction of travel. The unit has 6 electrical pickups on the powered rail car. 2 axles powered. Both
cars have two each general-purpose electrical sockets. The model has an encapsulated drive with a powerful 7-pole B├╝hler motor, a built-in multi-train control system decoder, and a voltage limiting system. A cable is included for the electrical connection between the powered rail car and the control car.

Length over the buffers 72.5 cm / 28-1/2". 
Condition New

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